The Beast Within & The Beast Unleashed: Supercharge Your Workouts


Take your fitness and physical abilities to the extreme with The Beast Within and The Beast Unleashed. The Beast Within works to bring your conscious and subconscious minds (through the powerful embedded ultrasonic subliminal) in alignment, allowing for profound physical change to occur.

The Beast Unleashed is the first of our new powerful “active supercharger” line, which aims to put you in the zone to enhance, maximize and propel your workouts to the extreme.

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The Beast Within:

A powerful supercharger designed to bring your conscious and subconscious mind into perfect alignment, allowing even more powerful physical changes to occur. 

Using Beast Within, you will use your conscious mind in an extremely effective way to affect your subconscious mind, and help it manifest your ideal leaner, stronger, faster, healthier, better body, in a synergistic way with the Emperor Fitness multistage. You will unleash your mind and remove any blocks you might have that stop you from achieving your dream physical state. 

The Beast Unleashed:

Our revolutionary new active supercharger that you play before/during your workouts. It contains an extremely focused and powerful subliminal that will get you in the zone every single time and allow you to give your maximum every time. 

If you feel tired of training, having thoughts of not wanting to go train, you can use Beast Unleashed as a powerful jolt to your system. If you notice you get distracted or become too tired during workouts, Beast Unleashed will help you focus and work on developing your energy levels and cardio, all while doing your workout.

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