Our subliminals work and we have the science to back it. Other producers are stealing research and claiming it as their own.

That being said, other “subliminal producers” are citing research that they didn’t conduct to “prove” that their subliminals actually work. In fact, if you copy / paste the so-called “science” or “proof” pages on other websites into Google, you’ll see that they’re all recycling the exact same information.

This is misleading. Who knows if they’re actually using the same methods as those successful studies? That’s why we maintain our public forum @ SubliminalResults.com — you can read the real, unfiltered results and experiences from ACTUAL customers and decide for yourselves.

In addition, we’ve also conducted a number of public, placebo controlled blind tests to validate our products. The results are real, the journals of those testers are completely open and unmoderated, and you can ask the actual participants yourself about their experiences. Here’s a summary of our test from June 2020.

Project Ultima Test: June 2020

In June – July of 2020, we held a public, placebo controlled blind test to determine the viability and validity of our new subliminal messaging delivery method, codenamed “Ultima.”

* To eliminate bias from the experiment, the public was eligible to participate if they met two requirements: one, they needed access to a set of flat response headphones or studio monitors, and two, they agreed not to run any other subliminal audio program for the duration of the test. Eighteen individuals from around the world applied and were accepted.

* Participants were supplied with two files (A) and (B). (A) contained subliminal messaging with the aim of quickly inducing a state of high productivity and elevated positive mood. (B) was a placebo. They were asked to listen to (A) for a minimum of one hour per day, maximum three hours for one week and post their experiences daily on our public forum. In week two, they were instructed to listen to (B) for the same duration, and continue to post their experiences. Participants were given NO indication whatsoever about the contents of the subliminal audio program, only that it was a new subliminal delivery system.

* Out of the 18 participants, fifteen experienced profound euphoria, elevated mood and increased productivity on the first day, and within three loops of exposure. The remaining three participants began to experience the target results on day 2 and three. 

* The following week, participants switched to (B), a placebo. None of the testers reported receiving any results, with many expressing a desire to return to (A).

* Individual results may vary and not everyone may achieve these results. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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