Genesis: Mogul: Unlock Wealth, Master Markets, Shatter Success Limits


Prepare to transform your financial dreams into tangible, enduring realities. Genesis: Mogul is meticulously crafted to guide you through the nuances of wealth generation and income manifestation in a stable, consistent manner. The focus on this goal is unrelenting – every aspect of the scripting is dedicated to achieving financial growth and stability. Find your path toward abundance today.



The Genesis line of products is designed to help you uncover the true essence of your life’s purpose, navigating through the maze of life’s endless possibilities. These products offer not just clarity but a profound understanding of your unique journey, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to carve out a path that resonates deeply with your innermost aspirations and values. Live a purpose driven existence starting today. See other products in the Genesis line.


Many assume wealth is a stroke of luck or a single, life-changing event – a lottery win, an inheritance, or that once-in-a-lifetime business idea.

However, those who have truly mastered the art of wealth creation understand that it’s a journey, not just a destination. The key to this journey is mastering our inner beliefs and thoughts about wealth and success, ensuring they align with our goals rather than hinder them.

Consider our beliefs and thoughts as the architects of our reality. If they are foundationally sound and supportive, they construct a reality where opportunities for wealth and success are not only recognized but seized.

Picture a gardener nurturing the soil before planting – our mind is that fertile ground, and our beliefs are the nutrients enriching it. If we sow seeds of doubt or fear regarding wealth, the fruits of our labor will reflect that scarcity.

When we cultivate a mindset that embraces wealth as not only attainable but as a natural aspect of our existence, we unlock a plethora of opportunities.

The biggest issue many face, however, is HOW to get started or how to proceed. Even if an individual understands the connection between wealth and beliefs, turning that knowledge into form is difficult.

Enter Genesis: Mogul. Formerly named “Mogul,” this new version is 100% new scripting that honors the tenets of both the Genesis line of products and the original version of Mogul.

First, while the Genesis line is often perceived as beginner-friendly, a more accurate portrayal is that it’s a versatile toolkit for exploration. With Genesis: Mogul, the scripting is deliberately open-ended, making it adaptable to a myriad of scenarios.

For example: Consider Nouveau RICH, a standout title particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs.

But what if your aspirations lie in elevating your career earnings, or as an entrepreneur, you seek avenues beyond market disruption?

This is where Genesis: Mogul shines. It’s meticulously crafted to guide you through the nuances of wealth generation and income manifestation in a stable, consistent manner. The focus on this goal is unrelenting – every aspect of the scripting is dedicated to achieving financial growth and stability.

Genesis: Mogul is not just a tool for beginners; it’s a strategic asset for anyone, regardless of their experience with subliminals or current financial standing.

Dismissing it as a mere entry-level title overlooks its profound capability for helping you induce significant shifts toward abundance in your financial landscape through openness and exploration.

Genesis: Mogul breaks free from the constraints of conventional archetypes, zeroing in on the singular objective of financial abundance. This title is tailored for everyone, offering a suite of universal tools designed to guide you to monetary success.

It’s not about fitting into an archetype; it’s about providing you with the resources and strategies that work across various personal and professional landscapes.

With Genesis: Mogul, the journey to wealth is a personalized path paved with tools adaptable to your unique aspirations and circumstances.

So: Yes, Genesis: Mogul is user-friendly, but liken it to a finely-tuned laser – precise, powerful, and capable of delving deep into the core of wealth manifestation, facilitating rapid and impactful changes. It’s a focused force, engineered not for simplicity, but for potency in your journey towards financial mastery.

And of course, Genesis: Mogul contains the New Wealth Experience, tightly woven into its fresh script.

The New Wealth Experience — our cutting-edge, proprietary wealth scripting — is designed to not just enhance but revolutionize your financial journey. It’s designed to help users manifest positive scenarios daily that allows them to explore their deepest perceptions of wealth.

It’s like planting a garden of prosperous scenarios in your mind, each day nurturing your deepest perceptions about wealth. As these seeds of thought blossom into conscious actions, your relationship with money transforms – naturally, swiftly, and positively.

This organic evolution makes traditional “healing” scripts obsolete. Your financial hurdles aren’t just overcome; they’re dissolved in the flow of everyday life. Plus, this scripting is a powerhouse in manifesting wealth, tapping into every possible channel for financial abundance.

This innovative approach doesn’t just speed up your journey to wealth; it harmonizes it. It’s like tuning an orchestra – ensuring every part of your mind plays in perfect harmony, eliminating the internal struggle often caused by conflicting beliefs.

With the New Wealth Experience, you’re not caught in a tug-of-war between old habits and new insights. Instead, you experience a seamless integration, where growth in wealth consciousness is as natural as breathing.

In Genesis: Mogul, the NWE is infused into every single aspect of the script, meaning you’ll immediately begin to experience deep transformation from the first loop.

At the heart of Genesis: Mogul lies an extensive array of wealth manifestation scripting, meticulously crafted to maximize the potential of every channel you possess for wealth generation. This scripting is not just about enhancing your current revenue streams; it’s about innovatively creating new avenues and opportunities for income that align with your interests and passions.

Be attentive to the fresh ideas and inspirations that arise as you use this title, as that’s where Genesis Mogul’s beauty shines, as it bridges the gap between your subconscious and conscious minds and illuminates the path that leads not only to financial prosperity but also to personal fulfillment and happiness.

With Genesis: Mogul, the journey to wealth is intertwined with the pursuit of joy, guiding you to discover and embark on endeavors that enrich both your bank account and your life.

Genesis: Mogul, the generation of new, innovative ideas for wealth creation is not just a feature; it’s a core aspect of the journey. Imagine your mind as a fertile ground, where seeds of creativity are constantly being sown.

These seeds swiftly sprout into vibrant ideas for generating wealth, each one a unique blend of imagination and practicality. It’s like having a personal brainstorming session with the brightest minds, all within the confines of your own consciousness.

But Genesis: Mogul goes beyond just sparking ideas. It infuses you with an invigorating surge of motivation, transforming thought into action. This is where ideas take flight, propelled by a newfound drive. It’s akin to having an internal engine that’s always fueled and ready, turning your visions of wealth into tangible, actionable plans.

Each idea you generate is a step on a path paved with possibilities, and the motivation you feel is the wind in your sails, driving you forward to explore uncharted financial territories. With Genesis: Mogul, the process of wealth generation becomes an exhilarating adventure, filled with discovery, action, and the joy of seeing your financial dreams come to life.

It’s not enough to simply have a groundbreaking idea; the true power lies in understanding its ultimate purpose and potential. That’s why we’ve infused Genesis: Mogul with a wealth of scripting focused on goal creation and completion.

Think of each idea as a raw gemstone, valuable yet unrefined. Genesis: Mogul equips you with the tools to meticulously cut and polish these gemstones, transforming them into dazzling jewels of achievement.

Genesis: Mogul redefines the art of goal-setting, especially in the realms of wealth generation and achieving success. Think of it as a masterclass in sculpting your aspirations, where setting goals becomes more than a task – it’s an empowering habit. With Genesis: Mogul, you’re not just setting goals; you’re charting a course to your dream destination, equipped with a map and a compass.

Imagine standing at the edge of a vast ocean of potential, with Genesis: Mogul as your vessel. It doesn’t just guide you to set ambitious goals; it empowers you to leap towards them with confidence and clarity. Gone are the days of trepidation and second-guessing. You’re now in a state of mind where setting lofty goals in wealth and success feels as natural and essential as breathing, and the journey to achieving them becomes a fearless adventure.

Even the boldest explorers can find themselves halted at the precipice of their deepest, most ingrained wealth ceilings – those formidable barriers that seem insurmountable, where many a brave journey has come to a standstill.

That’s why we designed Genesis: Mogul to help you shatter the invisible barriers that often cap your financial aspirations – the internal wealth ceilings. These ceilings are made up of ingrained beliefs and misconceptions about money that limit our earning potential, acting as silent saboteurs on our path to financial freedom.

Imagine these wealth ceilings as glass domes, seemingly transparent yet effectively restricting how high you can soar financially. Genesis: Mogul serves as a hammer of enlightenment, striking at these glass ceilings with precision and force.

In regards to wealth ceilings, the NWE scripting within Genesis: Mogul plays a pivotal role in helping you reshape your financial destiny. Its core emphasis on positive manifestations is a beacon of light, illuminating your path to understanding and transforming your relationship with money. It’s about gentle, yet powerful revelations that occur through the simple act of living.

Comprehending and understanding your personal relationship with money is merely the beginning. Money, in its essence, is a tool for exchange, a means to navigate the diverse and intricate world of markets.

True financial success hinges not just on understanding money but also on mastering the arenas where it plays a pivotal role – the markets.

Think of money as a key, but the markets are the doors it unlocks. Each market – be it stocks, commodities, real estate, or even emerging digital marketplaces – has its own language, rhythm, and pulse. Genesis: Mogul guides you in decoding these languages, teaching you not only to listen to the subtle nuances of each market but also to respond effectively.

Genesis: Mogul equips you with the extraordinary ability to intuitively forecast market movements across a broad spectrum – be it securities, commodities, forex, or even emerging business niches. This feature is akin to developing a sixth sense for the financial world, enabling you to sense shifts and trends almost as if you were attuned to the market’s very pulse.

Imagine having a finely-tuned radar, constantly scanning the horizon of various markets. With Genesis: Mogul, this becomes your reality. In the world of finance, such foresight is invaluable. You become capable of anticipating changes in market conditions, be it a sudden surge in a particular commodity or a pivotal shift in forex trends.

This intuitive forecasting isn’t just about staying a step ahead; it’s about comprehensively understanding the ebbs and flows of financial markets.

And these kinds of features are what makes Genesis: Mogul so amazing. Genesis: Mogul is a versatile tool, tailored to empower both entrepreneurs and career-focused individuals alike. Its core principle is simple yet profound: the more knowledge you possess, the greater your value in any professional arena.

If you’re focusing on advancing your career, Genesis: Mogul acts as a catalyst for professional development. It sharpens your understanding of industry trends, financial dynamics, and organizational growth, making you an invaluable asset to any team or project.

Beyond just knowledge acquisition, Genesis: Mogul’s scripting is ingeniously designed to help you attract and manifest key relationships – be they partners, colleagues, or mentors. These connections are vital, as they provide support, insight, and opportunities that can propel you towards your wealth goals. They are the living network that enhances your professional journey, offering guidance, collaboration, and sometimes, the critical nudge towards groundbreaking opportunities.

With Genesis: Mogul, you’re not just gaining knowledge; you’re building a web of valuable relationships that elevate your worth in any professional context. This means there’s never a moment when you aren’t an asset, whether as a visionary entrepreneur or a dynamic career professional.

Genesis: Mogul is designed to do more than just enhance your financial skills; it transforms your very presence, radiating an aura of charisma and magnetism. This aura acts like a beacon, attracting high-value, high net worth individuals who are not only positive and helpful but also instinctively recognize your potential for extreme wealth building.

Note: This aura is separate from the allure of fame as seen in something like Stark. This is about embodying the essence of a high-value individual, one who exudes a sense of worthiness for investment and partnership.

Think of this as the aura of a respected industry leader or a trusted financial expert. It’s less about the dazzling allure of a celebrity and more about the grounded, authoritative presence of someone who commands respect in financial and business circles. It conveys reliability, expertise, and potential, making others see you as a safe, promising bet for their investment and collaboration.

Long-Term Financial Visualization Skills: Just like a skilled architect visualizes a building before the first brick is laid, Genesis: Mogul equips you with the ability to vividly imagine and plan your financial future. This skill is crucial in setting achievable, ambitious financial goals and creating a clear roadmap to reach them.

Genesis: Mogul is a comprehensive toolkit, encompassing all the essential elements you’ve come to expect in our wealth-focused titles. This program isn’t just about immediate gains; it’s a long-term strategy for sustainable wealth creation. Here’s a glimpse into the extensive features it offers:

Safe and Effective Handling of Debt: Navigating the complexities of debt is akin to steering a ship through stormy seas. Genesis: Mogul provides the compass and chart you need to manage debt wisely, ensuring it becomes a tool for growth rather than a hindrance.

Creation of Strategic Deals: In the game of wealth, the ability to craft and execute strategic deals is akin to having a winning hand in poker. Genesis: Mogul enhances your acumen in identifying, negotiating, and sealing deals that maximize your financial potential.

Overall Mindset Changes: At its core, Genesis: Mogul is about transforming your mindset. It’s about shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, from fear of risk to an understanding of calculated, intelligent decision-making. This change in perspective is fundamental to not just achieving wealth but sustaining and growing it.

With Genesis: Mogul, you’re not just learning about wealth; you’re rewriting your financial DNA. It’s a revolution in an audio file, a key to unlock the vaults of limitless wealth and opportunity. Imagine transforming every aspect of your financial life, from a seed of desire to a forest of fortune.

Seize this moment, step into the realm of financial mastery, and watch as the world aligns with your wildest ambitions. Your legacy of wealth starts now. Are you in?

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Extended Information

It is impossible to list every single benefit or objective of the subliminal due to the way our subliminals are created. They create holistic change that are deeply personal and individual to every single user, so while two individuals might see similar effects, someone else will likely have different experiences. Listing all potential avenues of growth and benefits is simply impossible – but through experience with the subliminal and introspection you can grasp the overall growth direction of the subliminal. Always remember that you are a unique individual with your very own journey, history and life, and our subliminals take that as well as your conscious guidance into account and work with you and who you truly are. In other words, even if an objective/feature/benefit that you want is not listed on the page, it does not mean you won’t experience it as long as the topic of the subliminal is connected to the desired effect.

Furthermore, if you haven’t experienced a specific objective / feature / benefit on the page (or unstated) yet, it does not mean you won’t — it simply means other things are taking precedence and have a much higher priority as dictated by the intricate interplay between your conscious guidance, your situation, your subconscious mind and the subliminal. Finally, there are countless more benefits and features to discover with each subliminal – each subliminal is so much more than a simple list. It is an invaluable companion on your journey that grows with you – indeed, our subliminals can be used indefinitely and throughout your whole life, they will always help you develop in new ways you never expected. Have patience, listen wisely, always be taking action in line with the subliminal and don’t let the list limit you, the subliminal or the experiences you will go through.


Current Level of Technology:

  • Zero Point (reading the provided supporting documentation is mandatory due to the strength of ZP. Do NOT start listening before reading the included instruction manual).
  • See the following article to learn more about ZP:


Standard Current (ZP) Listening Schedule:

  • See included instructions or the following support article:



  • Any.


Gender and Sexual Orientation:

  • Any.



  • While bearing resemblance with other wealth generating titles, Genesis: Mogul differs in the fact that it’s much more focused on self-exploration and discovering your business path.



  • Manifest wealth and success to attain complete financial independence.
  • Boost motivation to create wealth through existing and new revenue channels.
  • Improve goal-setting habits related to wealth and success, eliminating associated fears.
  • Elevate overall productivity and eliminate procrastination, especially in wealth-generating activities.
  • Remove negative beliefs that limit earning potential and hinder success.
  • Develop intuitive abilities to predict movements in various markets like securities, commodities, and forex.
  • Enhance skills in handling and eliminating inhibitive debts.
  • Cultivate skills for visualizing and planning a financial future.
  • Attract helpful friends, colleagues, and partners to achieve wealth and success goals.
  • Build connections with high-value individuals for wealth growth.
  • Seek mentors, books, and courses that provide knowledge for attaining wealth and success.
  • Build a strong self-belief in succeeding at wealth-generation endeavors.
  • Detach from societal programming that negatively impacts views on money and success.
  • Hone instincts for identifying investment opportunities and predicting market trends.
  • Acquire skills for turning liabilities into assets and strategic debt handling.
  • Enhance abilities in identifying, negotiating, and closing profitable financial deals.
  • Transform mindset from scarcity to abundance, fostering a healthier relationship with wealth.
  • Develop an energetic presence that naturally draws financial success and opportunities.
  • Overcome deep-seated fears and beliefs that obstruct financial success.
  • Foster a mindset adept at generating and spotting profitable ideas.
  • Enhance understanding of complex financial concepts and market dynamics.
  • Establish a personal brand that epitomizes wealth, success, and reliability.
  • Identify and develop multiple streams for diversified financial growth.



  • Fully Embrace the Abundance Mindset: To maximize the benefits of this title, it’s crucial to wholly embrace an abundance mindset. This means actively shifting your thought patterns from scarcity and limitation to possibilities and wealth.
  • Leverage the Power of Networking: Utilize the title’s emphasis on cultivating a network of high-value, influential individuals. Actively seek out and engage with mentors, peers, and professionals who align with your financial and success goals. Remember, the quality of your network can be a major determinant in your journey towards wealth and success. Attend networking events, join relevant online forums, and participate in community groups to expand your connections.
  • Consistently Apply Learned Strategies: Make a habit of applying the financial strategies and skills you acquire through the title. This includes intelligent debt management, strategic deal-making, and effective financial planning. Practical application of these skills in real-life scenarios will reinforce your learning and accelerate your journey towards financial freedom.
  • Reflect and Adapt: Regularly reflect on your progress and be willing to adapt your strategies. The financial world is dynamic, and staying flexible and open to change is key. Assess the effectiveness of your actions, celebrate your successes, and learn from any setbacks. Adjust your approach as needed, always keeping your ultimate goals in sight. This continuous cycle of reflection and adaptation will keep you on the path to achieving and sustaining wealth and success.
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