Alchemist Core: Become the Spiritual Alpha, Cultivate Energy, Improve Manifestation

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[Patent Pending] – Yes — Alchemist will allow you to become the spiritual alpha, but it’s much more than that.

The Alchemist is a tool that will help you develop and cultivate all of your spiritual bases — energy, meditation, intuition, psi abilities, manifestation ability, stillness of mind, will and willpower, etc. —  while guiding you to the optimal spiritual practices that will most benefit you. It will help you to rapidly advance in your chosen spiritual discipline, quickly learning all the knowledge in it and then moving onto the advanced stage of your discipline where your experiences, intuition and subconscious are what guides you through the processes that the most have never even heard about. Becoming a spiritual titan is what the Alchemist is truly about – while letting you fully choose your path.




An Alchemist is someone who goes beyond the limits of their minds and is open to the possibility of there being something more, something just beyond our reach that we all strive for but are unsure of what it is.

An Alchemist is that someone who extends his hand and reaches for it, and eventually, inevitably, he will reach it.

Be the Alchemist a Christian, a Muslim, a Pagan, an atheist, a yogi, a practitioner of magic in any of its numerous forms, or simply a man who yearns for more and to become better, he will find his path on the journey of…

The Alchemist

No matter your beliefs, the Alchemist subliminal will work alongside you and what you believe in to help you achieve and realize your spiritual truth, while opening your mind to the vast possibilities of the universe and unleashing your creativity and that child-like love of life.

It will galvanize you onto a journey of self discovery where you will find your path and forge your inner philosophy. The old fundamental questions that have stayed hidden for so long will slowly start unraveling themselves to you.

What could you do in life, if everything you did you were completely sure of?

If you weren’t held back by the myths of old and the stories of your family members?

If the things you do were backed by your experiences of the fundamental truths of the universe and an inner frame of spiritual titanium?

Some might start calling Alchemist the spiritual alpha subliminal, but this is a minuscule part of what is in The Alchemist.

In The Alchemist you will find a tool that will help you develop your spiritual bases – energetics, stillness of the mind, the many different necessary skills and abilities while guiding you to the optimal spiritual practices for your spiritual predisposition that will most benefit you.

It will help you to rapidly advance in your chosen discipline, quickly learning all the knowledge in it and then moving onto the advanced stage of your discipline where your experiences, intuition and subconscious are what guides you through the processes that most have never even heard of.

Becoming a spiritual titan is what the Alchemist is truly about – while letting you fully choose your path.

The Alchemist consists of four stages:


ST1 – Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is the stage where you will dive deep into your spiritual purpose. It is the first step of many, where you will fully open your mind to the possibilities of the universe and start your journey.

The Pathfinder will help you with finding your spiritual purpose, the discipline that meshes the best with your spiritual predisposition as well as push you to re-evaluate your inner philosophy and refine it.

Alongside your discipline you will meet people and find yourself in situations that will help push you further on your spiritual path. It will remove all negative spiritual energy and instead surround you with energy that attracts positives in all areas of your life.

Finally, the Pathfinder is a powerful spiritual purifier, designed to purge your energetic structures from everything holding you back. You will also see improvements in your daily life and not just in your spiritual practices, since cleaning your energetic channels will also purify your negative thoughts and beliefs.


ST2 – Refinery

The stage where you will start massively growing your spiritual potential and develop the skills you will need on your journey. The Refinery will rapidly develop your energetics and the silence of your mind, allowing you to meditate like you have never meditated before if it is something you desire.

With the development of your energetics there will also be the development of your spiritual senses. While you should not expect to be able to be instantly clairvoyant, you will see your intuition getting more and more powerful, and you will start picking up on things you have not picked up on before. With proper practice, dedication, and time, Refinery will help you develop your senses to the levels of clear spiritual seeing/hearing/feeling etc.

Any spiritual skill you desire to learn and especially the practices you have found during ST1 will come extremely easily, helping you to more quickly start deriving benefit from them.

With massive energetic development and the rapid improvement of your abilities and skills, there is a possibility of imbalance – Refinery is taking this into account and instead will balance your energies perfectly, so that you can go forward with full confidence and unafraid of imbalance.

You will also feel this in your everyday life if you decide so with your intent – if you suffer from overworking, the balancing aspect of Refinery will help you relax. If you are constantly sleepy, Refinery will generate more energy for you to use. If you are too sexual and forward with the people you find attractive, Refinery will pull you back and let others chase after you, and vice versa.


ST3 – Awakening

The third stage, the stage of Awakening, focuses on awakening your spiritual reality and potential. With Awakening, you will no longer be skeptical of spirituality – you will know it and live it.

This consists of the many more advanced spiritual concepts and events. Spiritual journeys often consist of many periods of plateaus and breakthroughs, where there is a sudden jump in ability. This is where the Awakening shines – it helps you break through and start the more advanced inner processes. 

But, Awakening means different things for different traditions and people. For some, Awakening means feeling the Holy Spirit of God within them. For some, to hear the voice of their deity. Even still, for some, to be at one with nature, and for others it is starting the process of Kundalini. At Subliminal Club, you have complete freedom of choice, hence each person’s Awakening will be different and will take different amounts of practice, dedication and time.

There are many types of awakenings, and many awakenings are just the beginning of even greater journeys. The important thing is, you have the choice.

The Awakening is also a powerful spiritual and magickal amplifier and protector. Any spiritual practice, religious or magical work undertaken will be greatly empowered (this includes subliminal manifestations), and you will be protected from anything negative. You can rest easy with Awakening – the full power of your subconscious mind will shield you from anything dubious.

For those who desire contact with their deities, this protection will be invaluable, since it will protect you without blocking contact if you so desire. In fact, The Awakening will help you establish clear communication with anything spiritual if your intent guides you so, as long as it will positively benefit you. Any type of magic practitioners will find this highly useful.

If you do not, you have nothing to fear – at Subliminal Club, our subliminals work with you and can be easily consciously guided. 

Since Awakenings can be rough at times, the subliminal will help you develop your inner peace. While some disciplines might feel put off by the idea of inner peace, remember that inner peace does not mean unable to take action or to feel emotion. Inner peace means becoming the master over your emotions and being a unified being, allowing yourself to accept your darkest and lightest parts as simply… being you.


ST4 – The Alchemist

The final stage, this is where the previous three stages intertwine to create something extremely powerful. The purification of the first stage is included here alongside numerous other additions. You can continue running ST4 for a longer time after you finish the other stages, in order to continue growing spiritually more and more.

Since ST4 is an exceptionally powerful and large subliminal, it is recommended to first run the first three stages – however, experimentation is always welcome at Subliminal Club.

If you desire to start the Alchemical journey of a lifetime…

Order now.


Extended Information:

It is impossible to list every single benefit or objective of the subliminal due to the way our subliminals are created. They create holistic change that are deeply personal and individual to every single user, so while two individuals might see similar effects, someone else will likely have different experiences. Listing all potential avenues of growth and benefits is simply impossible – but through experience with the subliminal and introspection you can grasp the overall growth direction of the subliminal. Always remember that you are a unique individual with your very own journey, history and life, and our subliminals take that as well as your conscious guidance into account and work with you and who you truly are. In other words, even if an objective/feature/benefit that you want is not listed on the page, it does not mean you won’t experience it as long as the topic of the subliminal is connected to the desired effect.

Furthermore, if you haven’t experienced a specific objective / feature / benefit on the page (or unstated) yet, it does not mean you won’t — it simply means other things are taking precedence and have a much higher priority as dictated by the intricate interplay between your conscious guidance, your situation, your subconscious mind and the subliminal. Finally, there are countless more benefits and features to discover with each subliminal – each subliminal is so much more than a simple list. It is an invaluable companion on your journey that grows with you – indeed, our subliminals can be used indefinitely and throughout your whole life, they will always help you develop in new ways you never expected. Have patience, listen wisely, always be taking action in line with the subliminal and don’t let the list limit you, the subliminal or the experiences you will go through.

Current Level of Technology:

Standard Current (ZP) Listening Schedule:
See included instructions or the following support article:


  • 18+
  • 16+ with parental / legal guardian guidance
  • If you are under the age of 16, this product must be purchased by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18. Individuals under the age of 16 should NOT run this title.

Gender and Sexual Orientation:

Similarities/Differences: None. 


  • Be guided to the perfect spiritual practice and tradition specifically for you.
  • Develop the necessary skills, abilities and characteristics to achieve great success in your spiritual endeavors.
  • Rapidly improve in your spiritual practices.
  • Achieve the desired states of mind and abilities.
  • Grow, purify and improve your energetic system.
  • Develop stillness of mind and deepen your focus and meditation.
  • Experience the unique status increase that comes from being on a spiritual path, become a spiritual alpha.
  • Break through spiritual plateaus.
  • Experience more of what your chosen spiritual tradition has.
  • Expand your knowledge of the different spiritual traditions.
  • Balance your body, spirit, energy, mind and the deepest parts of your being.
  • Forge your own philosophy and path, develop an iron will and focus on your spiritual path.
  • Find more time to practice and delve deeper into spirituality.
  • Inspire others with your spirituality.
  • Easily work with spiritual beings, master prayer, unearth your spiritual abilities and senses.
  • Remove negative spiritual influences from your life and protect yourself from any new ones.
  • Find and meet individuals that will help guide you on your spiritual journey, experience situations that will catapult your spiritual growth safely.
  • Understand more advanced spiritual concepts, develop wisdom, insight and intuition.
  • Find a teacher.
  • Open your mind to the endless possibilities and unleash your creativity and out of the box thinking.
  • Break through spiritual fear, limits and beliefs.
  • Experience the incredible daily benefits of spiritual development.
  • Massively boost any magic-based or even related spiritual technique or practice. 
  • … and much more. 


  • Keep an open mind and work on your sensitivity and ability to perceive subtle phenomena. Many believe that the greatest experiences must be mind-boggling and extremely obvious, but spirituality is about going deeper inside yourself, where subtlety is power and mastery. 
  • Don’t be afraid, but don’t make bad decisions either. Spirituality is not a game, but a lifelong journey. It must be treated with both respect and caution but also childlike curiosity and flow.
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1 review for Alchemist Core: Become the Spiritual Alpha, Cultivate Energy, Improve Manifestation

  1. Voytek (verified owner)

    I listened to Alchemist for six months and although I didn’t get engaged in any spiritual practice (apart from recreative yoga) the program did a great job for me when it comes to brushing away negativity and becoming immune to it. On top of that, I’m in charge of my emotions and I just cannot believe that I don’t experience my usual outbursts of anger. I truly became at peace with myself. I’ve become more mature and more clear when it comes to my philosophy of life and that powerful feeling that everything is going to be alright instilled in me is just priceless.

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