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What if you decide that you do not wish to leave your sexual and dating life up to external circumstances and what others dictate to you? What if you decide, that since it is your life, you should have control over it? Welcome to PRIMAL. Pre-order now and get the exclusive Primal XXX pre-order, based on our latest build method — you won’t want to miss this one!

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Inside every yet unfulfilled man lies chained the famished man they dream of becoming, trying to claw his way out, trying to break his chains and release his true self. Bound like an animal in darkness, his arms and legs chained, his mind enslaved with only something fuzzy inside keeping him still struggling. He is starved, beaten, tortured, shamed, guilted.

Yet the fires of his desire and ambition keep burning steadily stronger, becoming clear, feeding him more and more… Every moment in bondage feeds him further. Finally, the fires flare akin to an inferno, and the chains have melted, the chains have been broken, the man has gone…


Subliminal Club is happy to introduce you to the long awaited and long developed seduction and sex subliminal focused fully on realizing your potential as a man.  You are told that you must act as a gentleman, take your time with people, and then perhaps, maybe, you will have some luck with women.. If they decide so. But what if that doesn’t work?

What if you decide that you do not wish to leave your sexual and dating life up to external circumstances and what others dictate to you? What if you decide, that since it is your life, you should have control over it?

This is what you have been waiting for.

The subliminal that will guide you on letting go of all inner beliefs that are useless in your dating and sex life, the subliminal that will guide you on how to do whatever you desire, on how to act however you want, and in the process, achieve the sex life you have dreamed of.

The subliminal that will allow you to finally let go with women. The subliminal that will allow you to finally love women AND have them.

The subliminal that will help you become the most dominant, carefree, nonchalant version of you, in a way that you decide.

Keep in mind, PRIMAL is not an easy subliminal to run. While built on the latest cutting edge technology of PrimalTech, meaning it is fully optimized, it is an incredibly dense subliminal, with technology that will drive you to let go of unnecessary behaviors and release the most primal side of you that all women crave.

This WILL cause both internal and external changes, which will definitely affect your behavior and it will be noticed by others.

Since there will be such changes, there will also be discomfort, especially social discomfort as people notice the changes happening, as they notice your vastly more dominant, charismatic behavior and increased status. Be ready for it. And if you are ready, you will be awed again and again as you notice how rapidly you are becoming more and more like the man of your dreams.

Approaching any woman will become easy. Flirting with any woman will become a fun past time. Getting rejected will not matter. Having multiple women in your life at a time will become an objective reality. That is what PRIMAL is about – coming back to a more primal state of mind, where seducing women is a natural instinct.. you have just forgotten how to tap into it.

It is the epitome of inner game.

Unshakeable confidence, extreme optimism, easygoing nonchalance with swagger in your walk, a charismatic and dominant carriage, the raw animal magnetism unleashed.  That is PRIMAL.

Of course, for those who love seeing a little list of potential benefits, here is what you can expect:

  • Dominance that comes naturally and is loved by women,
  • Charismatic demeanor,
  • Extreme nonchalance and enjoyment of everything you do,
  • Relaxed optimism and knowing that all is well,
  • Ability to have fun and be fun,
  • Highly sexual, sensual, sexy, carefree attitude with women,
  • Lack of social shaking (mental worry and anxiousness over every detail in the interaction)
  • Freedom to be a highly sexual, sensual and sexy man,
  • Masterful automatic calibration in social situations,
  • Lack of sadness over rejection,
  • Ability to be sexual and sensual in a way that is just right,
  • Easy kino and verbal escalation,
  • The uncanny ability to be physically and mentally completely relaxed at any moment,
  • Development of wit and charisma,
  • Automatic passing of social testing,
  • Social intuition,
  • Betterment of social status,
  • And more..

As always, these are just a small part of what you can expect. If you are ready to unleash your PRIMAL side, order now.

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