The Following Subliminal Club Reviews Were Collected From SubliminalResults.Com — Our Official Discussion Forum.

On Emperor:

“Before Emperor I had just been promoted to a new position that I was struggling with and was hemorrhaging money. After Emperor I started kicking ass at the new position, got an unexpected 19% salary increase and $7,400.00 worth of stock, plus I just got a date with a gorgeous woman 15 years younger than me.”

On Primal:

“It’s has been a little more than a month with Primal. I started it when I had just gotten out of a relationship of 2.5 years. I was really affected by that because I did not want it to end. In this month I feel like I have become a new man. All my energy went into things I had been ignoring for so long and I feel like I went from being a 6 to an 8. Even though I am still broken hearted, I feel like Primal helps me turn all my pain and anger into something valuable.

Yesterday I went out with a really hot girl, to a date I thought was probably going to be terrible. But it turns out a had great time, was relaxed, she opened up and then we came back to my place and had sex. That’s not very usual for me. I woke up this morning, and the first thing I see is a call from my ex asking me to grab some coffee.”

On Primal Seduction – Iron Throne:

“I’m a bartender at a pretty popular bar and since using Iron Throne (almost 4 months now or whenever it was released) I have gotten some pretty insane results. I literally have women at the bar telling me how awesome my smile and posture is, leaving their numbers at the bar, etc all the time, and virtually staring at me while working, almost to the point where it’s uncomfortable to court that much attention but I’m getting used to it. I’ve honestly wanted to switch up subs for awhile now and focus on other areas but I’m having too much fun with Iron Throne to give it up…”

On Khan:

“I definitely experienced a surge of creativity during this past month. I had a couple of ideas for businesses, and I have decided to attend trade school to get a certificate in IT. I did get depressed, but I found ways to handle it. Now I understand that the main function of Freedom was to break negative beliefs about money. As I said in numerous posts earlier,

I already had some good beliefs about money itself. The problem though, was that I actually discovered that it wasn’t negative beliefs that held back my potential. My fear did. And that is why I made a decision to go to to Khan in August.

Speaking of Khan, I had hope that, if Freedom didn’t break all of my beliefs or my fear, then Breakdown would finish the job. All in all, my horizons did expand, and my creativity came around for me.”

On True Social:

“I listened to 2 loops right after I had been working on my laptop. About 2 hours later I wondered out to the coffee shop. As I began walking past people in the shopping centre. It was almost like I felt this inner happiness fill me on the inside. This cute blonde walked right past me…

She immediately turned round smiled and walked up to to me smiling she said hi and we began chatting away to each other.

It was like my charisma switch had been turned on. From there I was just flowing. I immediately began hitting on other girls. Emperor gives me the mean alpha edge however true social helps temper the meann edge and gives me a much warmer charismatic vibe. Its like the subliminal gets me into charismatic state straight away when I am around people.”

On StarkQ and Libertine Ultima:

“Been using stark and libertine ultima for three days now. Made 2 loops of Libertine and 3 of stark every day.

I’m getting more motivated and more focused. The energy surge from Libertine is insane. I woke up in the middle of the night to write down all my goals. Then remove all but five like warren buffet said and forget about them.

I took a walk and saw a girl riding a bike, Got deep eye contact with her, and she almost fell off the bike.

Somehow my Tiktok went viral too, Or well pretty viral. Went from 0 followers to 200 in a day. Which is super cool because tons of potential clients to help on Tiktok.”