Welcome to the Seventh Day of the
Subliminal Master Course.

Today we’ll go over the processing queue in detail as well as the process of reconciliation.

We’ve talked about reconciliation previously, but it is such an in-depth and unknown topic for 99.9% of people that it is extremely important to go over it.

The processing queue is closely connected to the process of reconciliation so it’s the perfect opportunity to explore it as well.

We’ll also go over actions that you can take on the different types of subliminals that we offer. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list – take it as inspiration so that you can come up with many other ways to take action in your life.

Let’s start.

The Processing Queue

Imagine your mind as a conveyor belt.

Your goal is to have the factory work at peak capacity – to do this, you need to keep the conveyor belt going with enough material on it.

If you put too little material on it, you’re not going to get very far.

If you put too much, you’re going to overload the machines and will have to wait for the conveyor belt to be cleared in order to continue.

Your mind works similarly to this.

That is why there is something called the subliminal processing limit.

This is the limit of how much subliminal input you can process in a day – have too much input, and you’ll be faced with fatigue, excess reconciliation and other side effects.

Each individual has their very own subliminal processing limit that depends on numerous factors such as age, brain, health, subconscious structures, beliefs, life experiences, etc.

There is a misconception that the subconscious mind is completely limitless and can handle as much input as you can throw at it – those that think like this either have been using weak subliminals made by subliminal hobbyists and free producers (which, sadly, usually lack the power to hit the minimal subconscious input to achieve meaningful results) or are part of the 0.1% who have higher processing limits.

The thing is, the subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful and complex “structure” that we are unable to know completely – but from our research we can safely conclude that, while it does seem “limitless” in what it can achieve, it still has constraints due to numerous factors that you have to respect and keep in mind in order to get really transformational results.

We’ll tackle this more in-depth in another e-mail though, for now please remember to take it easy and respect your subliminal processing limit.

So what should you do?

When you are listening to our subliminals, go easy and be mindful of reconciliation and side-effects. Don’t try listening to 8 loops everyday – you’ll overload your processing queue and will have to wait while your mind struggles to process it all. Think of it as putting too much food in your mouth and having to chew it all – not easy at all and you’ll strain your jaw.

That is usually when excess reconciliation, fatigue and other side effects occur.


We’ve mentioned reconciliation so many times now but haven’t went in-depth into it – this was in order to give you the basic knowledge you need to truly understand the subconscious processes that are connected to it.

Here’s the thing.

When you are listening to a properly made subliminal, reconciliation is *always* happening.

It’s not a negative process at all!

Your subconscious mind is your greatest ally, tool and friend. It works tirelessly every single second of the day to keep you safe, healthy, happy and alive.

Don’t think of it as an enemy that you need to beat with a stick in order to get it through reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a process where your internal beliefs and subconscious structures are being integrated, connected, reconciled, tested and made stronger/discarded in your subconscious mind.

Once you introduce subliminals, that’s when the game starts.

Once you have subliminals being inputted into your subconscious mind, suddenly you have millions of new ideas, questions, answers and tests flowing into your subconscious mind – and it has to reconcile all of these!

As it does so, you’ll experience emotions and memories surfacing and side effects such as fatigue, headaches, desire to switch/drop subliminals, etc. The more it has to reconcile, the more likely you are to experience these and have them be more noticeable.

But that’s the beauty of it too.

If you are going through profound reconciliation, the cause is that really huge issues, beliefs and limits are being tested and reconciled – and once this process is finished, you can literally wake up a new man the next day!

An example from one of the co-founders, Saint Sovereign, is his experience on one of our experimental subliminals called Blue Skies which deals with the idea of existence itself.

After listening for multiple hours (this is for an experiment, do not do this) he ended in a state of questioning the whole of existence and the concept of death, in a highly apathetic state that continued for multiple days.

Due to his previous life experiences, this was an area that had many internal structures and coupled with multiple loops caused intense, soul-deep reconciliation – that ultimately resulted in him having a profound spiritual experience and realizations that unleashed incredible new creativity and inspiration that shifted his whole view of reality.

The rule of thumb is – the more intense reconciliation, the more intense the inner changes that are occurring.

Remember that we are still dealing with the subconscious mind. These changes might not be completely obvious to you at first glance. We’ve seen it before with a couple of our testers that had intense reconciliation on a wealth subliminal, had the release of reconciliation but couldn’t see any obvious results – until they realized a week or two later they have been taking some incredible new opportunities and had absolutely zero fear of failure!

And yet others will have incredible, life-changing experiences. Do not make the mistake of chasing these highs – everyone’s experience is their own. You might have them or you might not. The important thing is that the results are happening regardless of whether you see them at the moment or not – and this is why journaling is so important, as not everyone has the inner perception necessary to notice these subtle processes, releases, shifts and changes.

So why do we recommend you listen to only a couple of loops every other day?

This is because enjoyment of the journey is important.

While theoretically you could overload and have these highs and lows, it’s more effective and much more enjoyable to have a steady climb with minimal reconciliation and constant results.

When you find your sweet spot of not too much reconciliation but enough to be progressing steadily, you are golden. Through our research we have found the listening pattern that ensures this for the vast majority of our listeners – the one that we explained right at the start.

This can change as our technology evolves (and if you’ve been with us, you know this for a fact!), so it’s important as you receive your updated subliminals that you check the support database and the forums for any changes in the listening schedule.

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of reconciliation.

Reconciliation Symptoms

  • Desire to quit subliminals.
  • Obsessive, compulsive desire to switch subliminals (to some of our other subliminals or another company altogether).
  • Feeling that nothing is happening/working, feeling of wasting time, or hopelessness.
  • Depression, sadness, apathy, rage, anger, hate, jealousy (any negative emotion can surface). Can come in multiple forms such as a mood over several days or a sudden surfacing. Rarely can also come in extremely unusual feelings never felt before, such as joyous but soulful mourning.
  • A “reconciliation fog” over your mind that makes illogical seem logical (in your mind, you’ll think you’re fine and that everyone else is at fault).
  • Extreme handwaving away of results and effects – even the most obvious results will seem as if nothing is happening. An example is when we had testers with obviously elevated vital signs (rapid breathing, high heart rate, sweating) claim nothing is happening during testing of very specific experimental physical shifting technology.
  • Vivid or weird dreams, which at times can contain hints at to what is happening in the subconscious. Can also be complete lack of dreams or at times nightmares.
  • In rare cases, repeat awakenings where you wake up, think you are in reality, but then wake up again (sometimes multiple times in a row). This is usually the case with high levels of overload when the process of reconciliation gets incredibly complex, like a ball of yarn trying to reconcile all the new input and straighten itself out. We call these time-loops.

Why Is Reconciliation So… Weird?

This is something we get asked from time to time. Why are these symptoms of reconciliation just so unusual?

It doesn’t feel like anything else and the symptoms are very… strange.

The subconscious is an extremely powerful structure that has access to some unbelievable abilities and that is able to fully and completely affect all your senses and your mind.

It can affect reality in unexpected ways that we are yet to fully understand. At times it is almost like a master illusionist.

So once we introduce subliminal input, it starts reconciling all the new input with its numerous structures, with your inner beliefs, memories, traumas, emotions, views, mental constructs, etc.

It is like an unending labyrinth/ball of yarn (like mentioned before) and trying to find the exit/untangle it.

As it does this, the process can get incredibly complex and cause effects in your conscious mind like the ones discussed above. At times the process can be so taxing that it hits a “block” which needs additional input through you taking action and continuing listening to the subliminal and/or more energy. Hence it will try to guide you towards action or to stop the input, in order to avoid having to reconcile the block and/or expend the energy it doesn’t have (most usually that your body doesn’t have).

This is why taking action is so important. If you don’t, you’re not helping your mind integrate the input as optimally and you are making the process harder and more lengthy for yourself.

Can you get results without doing anything? Yes, but the question isn’t whether you can get some results, its whether you can get life changing results. So do not think “I’ll just wait for my results”, as you’ll start hitting reconciliation and making the journey harder.

Take action to help your subconscious mind bring you the life you desire and to become the individual you dream of becoming, journal in order to help yourself see through the side effects of reconciliation, and listen wisely so as to not overload yourself and make the reconciliation stronger than necessary.

Reconciliation Tips

It’s important to try and stay composed while on reconciliation – it usually resolves quickly, from a couple of hours to a day. It can last for several days if something big is being reconciled in the depths of your subconscious mind.

Try to limit emotional reactions – reconciliation will pass, but others might not forgive you as easily.

The best way to help intense reconciliation process is to discharge the excess nervous energy that can be created through the process by having a strenuous workout and having some sugar or some high energy food.

If you have a craving for something very specific, get it and see how your mind reacts – in some cases a craving is something your subconscious mind requires at the moment. Be careful not to use this as an excuse for a poor diet though!

Having a good diet will help mitigate the effects of reconciliation, so eat well and healthy. Please avoid excessive fasting – your body needs energy for processing.

Taking Action – Ideas To Get You Going

When you start listening to a subliminal you already have at least a vague understanding that you desire to improve yourself.

Consider your goals, write them down into your journal so you know them and contemplate them.

Think – what actions will help you get closer and closer to achieving your goal?

This is important, as taking action is an integral part of the process of achieving incredible results.

To get you started, here are some actions you can take depending on what type of subliminal you are running. If you are running a stack, you’ll do best to combine/do the actions of both.


  • Be aware of and act upon opportunities to boost your status.
  • Utilize body language to your advantage.
  • Dress well.
  • Notice your own behavior with others and modify it to be more authoritative.
  • Take more calculated risks.
  • Build your discipline.
  • Develop your voice.
  • Work on your dominance/authoritativeness directly.
  • Be more social and build your social circle – be unafraid to meet others.
  • Help others meet other people.


  • Get onto dating apps and start messaging.
  • Be active – go out, meet and talk with your potential romantic partners.
  • Ensure you look your best.
  • Read up on romance and its intricacies (but do not replace action with reading).
  • Monitor any mistakes you make and fix them.


  • Make the most out of opportunities that present themselves to you.
  • Utilize all the resources you have, including time.
  • Think deeply and out of the box for ideas.
  • Start the side-business you’ve been thinking of (or a main business!).
  • Accept the gifts that you are given.
  • Read wealth-building books and utilize the advice given there.
  • Optimize your life and your work.


  • Research deeply the different traditions that exist and try some of their practices.
  • Develop your own daily spiritual practice and constantly improve it (and do not miss it!).
  • Build your connection with your religion/spiritual beliefs.
  • Follow the spiritual guidance provided in your religion/spiritual practices.
  • Work out your inner world through removing negative emotions that hold you back.
  • Look into your family’s history.


  • Build out or find a well-research workout regime and follow it.
  • Do not miss workout days.
  • Keep your nutrition top notch.
  • Research nutrition and supplements – utilize them to the maximum.
  • Visit your doctor and follow his directions well.
  • Rest when needed, do not force yourself when sick/injured.
  • Research ways to help any sickness/injuries and have your doctor weigh in.
  • Get plenty of sleep.


  • Workout – both your muscle and cardio.
  • Train your technique as much as possible.
  • Have experts help you take your technique to the next level – listen to your coach!
  • Avoid suspicious individuals – listen to your gut.
  • Avoid bad neighborhoods, do the research beforehand.
  • If legal, carry a weapon and know how to use it.


  • Try out different interval productivity schedules such as the Pomodoro technique.
  • Look into supplementation and nootropics.
  • Make you are pushing yourself to sit down and study/be productive/practice without distraction.
  • Let your inhibitions go when you need to be creative – let your creativity flow.
  • Create an environment where you can enter into the flow zone easily without distractions.
  • Measure your intelligence and make sure you are utilizing it through learning new things such as a new language.
  • Explore different ways to improve your skills and abilities – utilize them.
  • Find mentors.

Inner Healing

  • Be kind to yourself and mindful of your inner state – rest when needed.
  • Limit your exposure to others when in heavy reconciliation and try not to react to any slights that you might perceive.
  • Take action in the direction of where the healing is taking you – if you notice you are healing many wealth-related beliefs, then take action towards building wealth.
  • Meditate and notice your inner states and emotions – feel them and let them go.
  • Get enough sleep and rest.
  • Eat well.

Daily Experience

Here is Azriel’s experience on his bloom:

Closing in on a full month washout.

I don’t know whether lack of recon or bloom, I imagine both, but things are really coming together.

I feel absolutely amazing, and am filled with a well of confidence, internal power, and self confidence that feels natural and part of who I’ve become. I’m profoundly enjoying life and while there is still plenty of ‘challenge’ I feel there is also gratitude, grace, and an ability to step up and handle it. There is a kind of letting go and ease with what before would send me into hyper-fixated states of anger and or anxiety I now I gently holds what needs dealing with and address it if/when I can.

I’m willing to take risk creatively and generally in a new way.

I feel 100% confidence in my status and sense of self.

I’m starting to really enjoy aspects of work, taking free reign to find new ways to bring value and express myself fully, be willing to fuck up and let the chips fall where they may and it’s moving things in a way that (what I see now) my permission seeking/ overly concerned to get it right or perfect way of doing things before was not.

I also CLEARLY see without reacting where certain people in my life are just ‘wacky’ without getting hooked or identifying with it.

I don’t feel any overt effects, or auras, but PCC and Emperor seem very internalized. I can read people even clearer than when I was running subs.

I’m also having a lot more fun, back in the gym is huge, also I’m in on online Dungeons & Dragons group (never played before) and in person literature book club where we get together and grill steaks make delicious food, drink bourbon and then discuss. In the past I’d see this as waste of time-but the give me so much energy, joy, and place to express creativity and even brilliance- that is translating over into other areas of my life. This myopic fixation on causing one result served it’s purpose and career and wealth are still priorities but not too the exclusion of anything else like it’s been.

On Monday, I will decide whether to resume subs and in which capacity or take another week off. I want to see how this bloom continues and how far I can take this roll.

Final Words

We come to the end of the 7th e-mail in this course. Remember, these actions are just ideas – there are hundreds of ways to take action. Of course, the core of taking action is always going to be working and developing towards something greater in whatever area you are focusing on – in other words, simply working towards your goal (rather than more supplementary action such as research).

This type of work isn’t always glamorous. Starting up a business is filled with work that takes time, effort and isn’t always exciting. Meeting your ideal partner is going to take effort meeting/messaging many people.

Push yourself to excel – taking action means taking action even through the hard work. And oftentimes, that is the necessary component that many do not desire to go through – and it sifts the ones who will achieve greatness and those who will not.

Since you are listening to our subliminals though, such work will come a thousand times more easily – but you still have to do it.

And when you do, your subconscious mind will have all the material to minimize reconciliation, to unravel that subconscious yarn and really help you become your ideal, dream self with the life you desire.

In the next e-mail we’ll go through a bit more in-depth about the bloom effect and taking longer rests from our subliminals (couple days, a week, and in rare cases even two) in order to let the subconscious mind process all the input.

Become legendary,

– Subliminal Club