Venture Alchemy

What is Venture Alchemy? The First Step to Complete Happiness.

This isn’t going to be a long, heavy handed post. I don’t believe in padding word counts, or using long, winding sentences for the sake of making myself sound more wise than I really am. I’d much prefer for you to take this bit of knowledge that’s helped me greatly in my life, incorporate what you can into your own life and then take some action — regardless of how large or small — that moves your life in the direction that YOU want.

MENTAL ALCHEMY is the art and science of transmuting thoughts and emotions in line with universal and natural laws to consciously create, control and direct your personal reality with the goal of reaching your maximum potential as a singular, unique expression of the universe.

Sounds a bit heady, I know. Fact of the matter is, almost every esoteric discipline in existence (both religious and secular) advocates the power of adjusting your mindset to unlock hidden talents and consciously change the course of your life. Mental alchemy takes many forms, and not all of them are mystical in nature. Some people use their artistic instincts as a form of internal growth. Others practice martial arts, or engage in mental arts (like meditation, or yoga). Any ritual that engage in on a regular basis that helps fuel your personal development is a form of mental alchemy.

That being said… don’t you think your JOB meets those requirements? Whether you want to admit it or not, for most of us, our weekdays are highly ritualized. From our morning ritual, to the dutiful tasks we perform our work, the majority of our lives are spent not out pursuing our passions, but at a job making someone else rich. If you get your first job at 18, and then retire around 68 — 50 years of paid employment — you will spend 92,120 hours at work. If you’re engaging in a career that you don’t completely enjoy, you’re wasting a massive chunk of your life.

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