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How Long Does It Take for Subliminal Messages to Work?

It’s a tough question that relies on many factors. The effectiveness of a subliminal audio program depends on how often you listen to the program, whether you listen consistently, whether you listen with headphones (or use the set and forget method), your individual personality, your innermost morals and beliefs, etc.

That being said, if I HAD to estimate how long does it take for subliminal messages to work…

… you should expect to see minor changes around day 30, strong changes around day 90, and MAJOR changes at six months. Using a subliminal program is like going to the gym, you just can’t use it once a week for an hour and expect huge changes in your life. They require consistent, regular use. That’s why the set and forget method works so well. You simply play the subliminal on your favorite media player, preferably through speakers, set it to loop (or on a playlist, if you’re stacking subliminals) and go about your day.

In some situations, we’ve seen people get amazing results after just a week or two. You can read about those experiences (and post your own) at our official community, Subliminal Results.

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