How Do I Speed Up Subliminal Results?

Journaling and taking action are incredibly important to having earth shattering results. We have had reports from individuals achieving complete financial freedom, attracting their dream partner (or partners), removing traumas that have plagued them for their whole lives, passing the most incredibly hard exams (medicine, engineering, theoretical physics – you name it), discovering the joys and spiritual truths of the world and reality, and so, so much more.

First, create a journal to document your journey and your results. This could be on the forums at, a physical journal, or both. Don’t overthink your journaling or make the process too complicated. Simply write down every little change you notice, even if it’s just a sentence or two. The goal is force yourself to see the changes that are taking place. This guides your subconscious towards more and more transformation, and it reminds you that this process is working.

Most people don’t notice incremental changes, they aim for huge sudden transformations. For example, a person engaging in a new diet won’t see the small improvements in their body, even when everyone around them says they’ve changed. This causes many people to give up on the routine even though they’re experiencing amazing progress. Deep, lasting transformation happens slowly, but consistently.

Without keeping a journal, you won’t notice what’s changing, you won’t be able to adapt, and you may think you’re not progressing when you’ve changed a lot. This is partly due to the process of reconciliation, due to each individuals’ awareness levels and sensitivity to their inner processes, and the Naturalizing technology in the subliminals themselves that ensure smooth processing and progress.

Next, but certainly not least, you need to TAKE ACTION. There is no substitute.

Our products make it easy for you to take action, but you have to help yourself succeed: take any steps, even small steps, towards your goals, and let your subconscious guide you towards the rest.

This is not a passive process where you sit at home sleeping, and a million dollars gets dropped into your mailbox, and a gorgeous/handsome top model knocks at your door wanting to be yours. To manifest the life you want, take some action, any action… start the process and get the ball rolling.

To summarize: The formula is Listen + Journal + Act = Transformation

Don’t think taking action means that you have to start with some kind of herculean effort. If you want to start an online business, register a domain name, look into website builders, conduct a quick search on Google to source products. Small steps. Once that happens, the process of mental alchemy kicks in and your results will supercharge. If you’re running a subliminal (or custom) designed to improve your career, an easy first step is asking your manager what you could learn or do to improve your value to the company. If the answer is something like, “learn Photoshop,” simply watch a YouTube video on Photoshop basics.

This is a concept called “pathways to manifestation.” In order for your subconscious to manifest a result, you have to open a pathway. You cannot just listen and think it’ll happen magically. If you want to meet more romantic partners while listening to a subliminal designed to do just that, smile at people you find attractive in stores or simply say hello. Once that pathway is open, your subconscious (being guided by the subliminal) can help manifest the ideal result.

The subliminals will be your greatest guide and helper, but you have to take action to open those pathways to manifestation.

As our member Yardbird said: “Identify what you want to accomplish, pick the right subliminal, start listening and get to work. Subliminal Club products don’t magically make you rich, smarter and have lots of sex, but they make it much easier to achieve those things.”