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Does Subliminal Messaging Work While Sleeping?

Can subliminal messaging work while sleeping?

Our subliminal mp3 audios most certainly do. In fact, many of our users report that our titles may actually work better when sleeping in regards to accepting and integrating the subliminal audio. On the flip side, listening to masked subliminal audio (the tracks that sound like trickling water) while sleeping every night can be detrimental to your health, given the fact that you may not be getting the most restful sleep that way. Silent, ultrasonic subliminals, however, may not cause this problem. Just make sure you’re not listening to ultrasonic audio with headphones on all night.

Also, note that listening to subliminals while sleeping can cause extremely vivid dreams. Some users have reported that this actually disrupts their sleeping. Remember, dreams are the result of your mind processing information from the day. Listening to subliminals throughout the day can cause vivid dreams, but the incredibly, near lucid dreams that occur from listening while sleeping is the result of the mind actively hearing AND processing the subliminal message during REM sleep. In fact, we’ve had users report that — when listening to subliminal audio while sleeping — characters in their dreams will repeat the contents of the subliminal’s script back at them!

That being said, mining your Dreams can prove very helpful to understand how to overcome your internal issues. Take a look at DREAMS, our subliminal title designed to explore your subconscious, and determine what you need to work on to maximize your life and potential. Using Dreams alongside a the INCLUDED dream journal (a journal where, as soon as you wake up, you write down what you dreamed about) is recommended, and will allow you to notice the patterns that show. It is also recommended to listen to it before sleeping (preferably with falling asleep to it).

So, yes — subliminal messaging can work while sleeping. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to fill out the form on the right side of the page. We’ll get back you within 24-48 hours!

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